Error receiving TANs

Tut mir leid, mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut.
I’ve been a customer of Tomorrow quite recently. I had no problem with it. But recently, I’ve not been receiving any TANs to my mobile number, in spite of my multiple attempts. Nothing wrong with my number though, I’m sure of that.
This is giving me a lot of anxiety since every transaction and also to change the mobile number, it requires a TAN to my existing number. Can you please resolve this issue soon?


SMS related issues are tricky because there are so many parties involved. Sometimes, restarting the phone helps in my experience. Are you currently in Germany, logged into the home network of your SIM card provider? Because I also know from my own experience that receiving texts abroad is less reliable.

If the problem persists, I suggest to contact the Tomorrow support in-app. This forum isn’t monitored 24/7 by support.