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I am enjoying using Tomorrow as my primary bank. I’m an English speaker living in Belgium & learning French and unfortunately my German is practically non-existent. Lucky for me, much of Tomorrow’s communications and copy is in English, but Tomorrow sends me SMS messages in German, much of and this community forum also appears to be in German.

I’d love to see some further language localisation in the Tomorrow platform (beyond English & German) and perhaps even some auto-translate options for community spaces such as this so that folks like myself can at least participate somewhat.

If there is an open community effort for translation I would happily help out with some English to French translations.


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Hi @mattblickem, and welcome to the forums!

Running a multilingual community is no mean feat. We’ve discussed a variety of approaches in the past, but for user generated content, it’s basically impossible to truly run a single community in multiple languages, unless everything is translated automatically for everyone (which introduces its own problems).

For now, you as a user have a few options:

  1. Use an online automated translation tool just for your own local setup. There’s browser plugins that do a good to passable job in many cases (at least for German-English) if all you need is the gist.
  2. Ask any questions you may have in English, and the community will try to assist. Obviously, this may cause you to ask questions that have already been answered in the past, but don’t let that get you down.

I can’t promise anything beyond „we’ll try“ for the future.

Maybe @Vinz can share some information on the translation of official content (app, website, FAQ, etc.) into additional languages beyond English and German.

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@mattblickem Salut and welcome to the Tomorrow community. We’re happy to have you here.

I totally understand the pain that you’re experiencing. As for right now there is no short term solution in the making. However, we’re slowly progressing to getting set up in France as our first major international expansion. Obviously many Belgians will benefit from that since our service will be fully translated to French then. However, this will still take some time and effort on our end. If you’re willing to help us out here and there with your opinion and testing, please leave me a personal message here and I’ll keep you posted.

As for the forum, we will try to find a practical solution that works both for us to maintain the forum and for all of you guys using the forum. One of our strongest values is to welcome all customers to an open community, to exchange thoughts and ideas and on sustainability and Tomorrow. As @tinuthir said, we’ve discussed some possible options like auto translate services via button, language tags for threads or even seperate language sections within the forum. There won’t be THE perfect solution, but with the launch in France we’ll hopefully have a concept ready to roll to make this forum a melting pot both in ideas and diversity.

Big up to you for raising this topic. Keep it coming!

Sending love to my fellow fries and beer lovers in Belgium

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Hi Vinz, thanks for your reply. I couldn’t figure out how to send a personal message exactly, but I am willing to help out for sure. Let me know how to do so.

Sent you a pm. Check your inbox :slight_smile: