Multiple popups opening

Good afternoon,

By clicking on a few buttons multiple times, a popup will appear multiple times and therefore, to continue using the app, you have to close them all.


Navigate to Home page > on the 3 buttons row (Send Money, Insights, Others (three dots)) > Click on the 3 dots multiple times

The modal will appear as many times as you have clicked.


Navigate to Impact Board > Profile > Click on Share card multiple times

As long as you keep pressing the Share card, the popup will not appear and then once you stop, the popup will appear as many times as you have clicked the button.


Once the user clicks on any button (that opens modal/popup/alert), disable it and open popup. If popup contains callback, enable the button again.
Or allow only one popup/modal/alert opened at a time, so before opening a new modal, detect if there’s one already opened, if so, either not open or close the already opened one.

In case there’s any doubts or questions about it, do not hesitate to contact me.

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This would be a good usability improvement. Since it’s not a bug that breaks anything, I’d assume it will land fairly low on the list of priorities.

FYI @Vinz

On which platform are you? On Android only your second example works for me. The 1. Case is not reproducible for me.

@YGaliza Welcome to the community and thanks a lot for taking the time to test so extensively and write this guide for these bugs! This is textbook bug reporting, so big up to you!

I’ve passed this on to our mobile devs. Just like @Turbotomate I could only reproduce the second case on Android. Since it’s fairly easy to test, I’ll just have the mobile teams take a look themselves.

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@Turbotomate It happens on my Huawei Mate 20 Lite.

@Vinz Thank you so very much, but I do have to admit that I work with IT as well.

Is there an email where I could send a video recorded by me reproducing the first case, so I won’t publish it publicly here (with all my info)?

@YGaliza, according to the website, you can email support at

Definitely safer than the forum :slight_smile:

@YGaliza Well then you’re used to bug reporting.

We’ve been able to reproduce both bugs for Android and will fix it down the road. We could not reproduce them for iOS.

Edit: First issue is fixed and will go live after the next release cycle. :white_check_mark:

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@Vinz Yes, hahaha.

Nice, thank you very much, guys! Have a great day!

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