Crowd investing - payment not processed yet

I participated in the crowd investing campaign and wired the money (following the instructions). But the payment is still not confirmed on the WIWIN platform. Is this right?

I think the best way would be to contact the support of Tomorrow because that’s mainly a users community and probably they need some more details to check if everything is alright. But perhaps someone else can share her/his experiences.

I know of multiple people who were affected by this exact same issue. It seems as though WIWIN has some hiccups to iron out.

@Caroline You should already have gotten that email - the fact that you haven’t means that there’s a delay of some sort. If you contact the support team (either via in-app chat, email, or phone), I’m sure they can move the process along. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem possible (or feasible?) to identify these cases proactively.

Edit: On second thought, I think I might have misunderstood something here. If you’ve already transferred the money, I don’t know of any such cases. Still, you should contact support.

In the meantime: When did you transfer the money?

Same for me. I think we should have patience. There’re a lot of payments to check for Tomorrow so it will take them some time.

Hi everyone!

After a couple of attempts in the chat (the robot doesn’t speak English very well, hehe), I found a human to speak with, and the person said I just need to wait, indeed. It felt strange to watch my money leaving my account and apparently going nowhere, but it is what it is…

Thank you all for the answers :slight_smile:

@Caroline Thanks for raising this issue. We have indeed had quite a number of customer come back to us with this question. So it’s great we can give some intel here on the forum:

A big chunk of all investments have reached the Tomorrow accounts by now. Unfortunately WiWin had not expected the crowdfunding to be over that quickly (and neither had we, although we were hoping for it of course) so that there’s quite a backlog of work for them. Most of the responsible team there has worked tirelessly and long overtime in order to get this dealt with quickly. Unfortunately the backlog is still quite immens so that you guys will have to wait a bit longer. But there’ll definitely be a response in the coming days.

Sorry for the delay. We’ve already had our first lessons learned meetings and will continue to have them to avoid these hickups in the future.

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