Electricity provider in Austria

:wave: Hey there.

I just wanted to give a quick feedback.

I know you are currently focusing on Germany but as you are also available in Austria maybe also Switzerland, I think it would make sense to think a bit about that also when it comes to new features. Why am I saying this? In one of your recent updates you included a CO2 footprint calculator for the users household. When finishing it you provide a link to a partner of yours (energy provider) which is not available in l would assume larger areas of Austria. Would it be possible to partner up with some here as well? I am currently using my electricity provided by oekostrom.at which I think would probably be a great partner for the tomorrow bank movement. What do you think?

Hey Oliver and welcome to the community! Sorry for the very late reply and thank you for pointing this out! Your feedback is forwarded to the corresponding team :slight_smile:

Ökostrom is good. But you can find even more sustainable partners in Austria. Look here:

There is no such thing as „100% Grünstrom“ when connected to the power grid, so that claim is a bit misleading. :wink:

I suppose the only way to go 100% Öko is to install your own PV with storage batteries and operate that in an isolated network. Then you still have to factor in CO2 emissions during the production process of the panels, batteries, inverters, etc. My goal would be to at least go for a partially insular system (Netztrennung) in the next couple of years.

That said it probably doesn’t hurt to advocate for electricity providers who claim to at least produce 100% eco friendly. Personally, I’m very happy with my existing older plan with Kelag and none of the other providers can match their offer. And they actually claim the very same thing: „100% Erneuerbare Energie“.