Error logging into App

When I try logging into the app it says „Error! Houston, we have a problem. Contact our support“.
I contacted the support through chat and they asked me if I have my details correct in the app, I told him yes because they are. Then they told me that they will get back to me through mail from 1-4 working days and that I cannot also use my card.
Did anyone had something similar?

PS. I didn’t receive any mail about this before happening.

Hi @youssefnassar, I can’t speak to the details of your case because I don’t have any information on account specifics. However, it sounds like your account may have been flagged by an algorithm that’s intended to prevent money laundering. Similar cases in the past have presented in a similar way.

Once you receive information from Tomorrow via email, I’d advise you to provide all the details that they ask for as quickly as possible, that will improve your chances of getting your account released as quickly as possible.

Meanwhile, I hope you have an alternative means of providing for yourself. This could take a week or two.

Hi @tinu, thank you for your reply. But is it normal to do that without any warning or email sent.

Unfortunately this was my only account and also my salary account. This was a mistake I know but I didn’t expect something like this to happen tbh.

What’s your advice of doing, regarding the payments due on this account (gym, phone, rent, etc…)?

This will be aggravating and hard to hear, but in fact, when there’s a suspected case of money laundering, informing the account holder is forbidden by law. That’s why I’m guessing this is the case - no information and a radical limitation on your entire account is one of those tell-tale signs. Trust me, Tomorrow (or any account provider) has no interest in acting this way towards paying customers.

Concerning what to do… All you really can do is talk to the parties involved, tell them your account access has been restricted and you’re not sure why (as this is the truth), and that you’ll reimburse them as soon as you can.

Luckily, most contracts don’t immediately get canceled due to overdue payments. You might get a small fine for your gym or your phone contract, but rent won’t be a problem if you usually pay on time, especially if you communicate this properly.