Feature Request: Move transaction to pocket

Use Case:
I have a pocket in which I saved money for a holiday. During the holiday I want to pay from that pocket, so that I can easily see how much money I have left to spent. Also I would like to use categories to see how much money I spent on food, traveling, accommodation, etc. during that holiday.
Example: Move a 30€ bill of a restaurant to my holiday pocket, so that I can see fast that I have 30€ less left for my holiday and have spent 30€ on the category „Bars & Restaurants“.

Current workaround: I withdraw money from my pocket every time I pay something for my holiday. This is tedious, produces duplicate transactions in the overview and I can’t analyze by category for what I spent my pocket (holiday) money.

Technical Ideas:

  1. To my understanding pockets as full banc accounts (with individual usable IBAN) are not a technical problem, but unpractical, because tomorrow has to pay per IBAN. I suggest to make the pocket feel like individual banc accounts without them actually being individual banc accounts.
  2. I suggest that for every transaction there is an option to move that transaction to a pocket. For example I want to go to my 30€ restaurant bill and choose „Move to pocket“ and then choose my holiday pocket. This then simply withdraws 30€ from my holiday pocket. The transaction should NOT be shown twice (once paying restaurant from main account, second withdrawing from pocket), but can be technically realized as 2 transactions. On the holiday pocket overview I want to see that payed 30€ for „Bars & Restaurants“.
  3. Provide an analysis by category similar to the main account for pockets.


  1. Do you think this is technically doable without extra cost for tomorrow (except for the costs of developing the feature) and if so do you think this is a technical difficult task?
  2. Do you like this feature? I am very open to discuss this feature on a user experience and technical level.
3 „Gefällt mir“

There’s a bunch of questions in there that I can’t answer at all, but this essentially reminds me (in terms of UX) of the Curve feature „go back in time“. You can add multiple cards to the single Curve card, and then decide which card is used to pay when you use the Curve card.

Now if you make a mistake and accidentally forget to change the card „behind“ the Curve card, you re-link the transaction to the card you actually wanted.

It’s a pretty nifty feature and if Tomorrow figured out a workflow for this, that would actually sound pretty nice.

1 „Gefällt mir“