I cannot login why

I cannot log in my account since yesterday and the support team said they can not see the issue please i need to settle some bills right now. I can only see error contact support

@Collins Welcome to the forum first of all. It’s good to have you here.

As for your question: It’s difficult to guess what the issue is. Therefore, I would recommend you reach out to our customer service team directly via www.support.tomorrow.one . There is a web-chat option for you. Otherwise you can always reach out to us via support@tomorrow.one.

I have done that. They said they cannot see the issue that they will forward it to the relevant department since yesterday until now no response. At least if my account cowas blocked for suspicious transaction or whatsoever they should let the customers know or whatever the issue is. Now I have bills to take care of and i dont have access to my money😭

First of all: good that you’ve let us know you’re experiencing this issue. Only then can we get to grips with it and help you as best we can.

For the time being we have to wait. All I can point you to further is this help page of our partner Solarisbank. If indeed your account was blocked then you can find some info here: https://www.solarisbank.com/en/support/tomorrow/

Due to the nature of the banking as a service concept, Tomorrow doesn’t always have all the information. To add to what Vinz wrote: if the actual banking instance behind Tomorrow, Solarisbank, has blocked your account, that information is made available to Tomorrow as part of a fairly rigid process that really can’t be sped up. Since Solarisbank doesn’t offer consumer facing support - and this absolutely sucks, I know - you’re out of options. All you can do here is wait. Fingers crossed for a speedy resolution.

Yea I have no option than to wait and hope things turn put fine.

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