Ideas to improve the app

Here are a few suggestions to make the Tomorrow app more user-friendly.

  1. Make the statistics available for all time or for a specific period (from date X to date Y).

  2. Add more spending categories. For example I noticed that there isn’t sports. The best would be to allow users to create their own categories in addition to the existing ones.

  3. Give the option to reclassify all spending (past and future) from one merchant to a specific category. It can be tedious to do it manually when there are lots of them.

These functionalities are available on Revolut and having them on Tomorrow would probably convince more people to use Tomorrow instead. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Waltram Welcome to the forum and thanks a lot for your contribution. I have fowarded this thread already to our banking team. :slight_smile:

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Another suggestion for features which I’d find very useful:

  • set up an automated recurring transfer plan for my savings pockets.

  • make it possible to share bills by sending an invitation link for payment to my friends in a messenger (like tikkie in NL and other Dutch banks or revolut have it).

  • and this one is an important one: make it possible to book back a payment with one click in the app. Sometimes I cancel a membership (e.g. gym or donations to sth. or a magazine) and they accidetally (or purposely) withdraw money for another month. Booking back the money with one click is usually the easiest and spares the annoying effort of contacting customer services, emailing back and forth five times, providing banking details and waiting for the money to return…

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@Lukhi Thanks a lot for providing your ideas as well! I forwarded this to the responsible colleague. Whatever isn’t on our list yet, will be added. We have about 3 yeras worth of feature requests piled up by now. :slight_smile:

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Yes, this seems like quite a fundamental characterstic of the " Reach your saving goals quicker" claim. Any hope of this feature landing anytime soon?

@Brenwell Unfortunately there is no roadmap yet for this feature enhancement. I’ll let you know in [Morgen] Smart Sparen - #149 von Linda once we have news here. As per our enginge room, the topic is set in the category Tomorrow, which is an indicator that we’re planning on tackling this next. :slight_smile: I think this will also go together nicely with the new investment feature which we’re looking to launch soon.

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