Is Tomorrow crypto friendly?

I am thinking of opening an account and so far my options are N26 and Tomorrow. I’ve heard that N26 sometimes block people’s accounts if they trade cryptocurrencies (ex. make transfers to/from exchanges like Binance, Kraken, etc.).
How is Tomorrow/Solaris in this regard? Would one be safe from getting their account closed due to trading cryptocurrency and having to deal with a lawyer to get lost funds returned like in the case with N26?

Thanks in advance.

I dunno about closing accounts, but additional fees are definitely charged for transactions with crypto.

In general, there’s a pretty solid risk of an account being flagged for suspicious activity, and frankly, Solaris is known to be on the aggressive side. I’d caution you against using Tomorrow without having a backup in place.

Thanks for your response and sorry for the late reply. Could you please elaborate on what fees are charged? What about Solaris? As far as I’m aware, Bitwala is a crypto friendly bank and they’re working with Solaris.

The fee involved for gambling and cash equivalent transactions, which includes crypto, is in the price list. This is also noted in the FAQs.

It’s three percent or 3 euro, whichever is greater.

Whether this is a fee imposed by Solaris or a fee collected solely by tomorrow? That I couldn’t say. I also know virtually nothing about bitwala, but your statement makes it sound like it’s not a Solaris thing.

I don’t think Bitwala has any affiliation with Solaris anymore after Bitwala’s/Nuri‘s bankruptcy.