New spending feature

Hi Tomorrow,

Just saw the new Spending feature in the app.

In general, I like that you think about adding new features and this is also great one,

however please take into account that you dedicated to this feature very prominant space in the upper section.

When I open the app : 1) I want to see the available money and 2) previous transactions.

So this Spending feature in between is bothering me. I don’t want to see always how much I’ve spent and worry about it. It will always be a negative experience then to open the app. Spending control and budgeting is nice to have somewhere else in the app not on the dashboard.

I would advice you adding the ‚hide from the dashboard‘ button and putting it somewhere in the menu.

Who wants to have it on the dashboard will leave and and me (and others) who don’t want to see everyday how much they’ve spent in the month (and worry about it) will hide it from the dashboard.

I really support you and wanted to share my thoughts about it, hope product development team will see my message.


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+1 I agree this feature needs a setting to turn it off/on. For me the displayed info is completely irrelevant and as described then rather taking up the space for more important data like the history.

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As described in the info dialogua for the new feature there is a toggle in the app settings to completly disable it.