No push notification on card top up?

While SEPA instant is not working, I’ve been using various platforms to topup my Tomorrow card directly, and then I would sit and wait, only to discover a few hours later, that the transfer arrived instantly, yet I don’t receive any push notifications upon incoming top up.

Also the spend and ATM withdrawal notifications I sometimes miss. There seems to be something happening with the push priority for tomorrow. I enabled all kind of banner notifications on my iphone and made it persistent, still sometimes I miss it. Also on the newest ios version the notification is being hidden sometimes and I need to swipe up from the lock screen to find them, I never miss any notifications from Wise at the same time, they have figured it out somehow. Looks like there has been a change in the latest ios policy and maybe needs to be checked By tomorrow.

Also would be nice to hear some unique sound on this notification, vs just standard iphone notification sound. And even better to be able to select the sound.


This is an interesting observation. Is there any documentation to substantiate that? Because even if this is true, it’s not great if an OS change breaks an essential feature without somewhat robust backwards compatibility.

At any rate, @Marvin I suggest that you point the iOS developers this way to explore this possibility.

Here is an article about this, I couldn’t find specific manuals on mac developers site

And another interesting thing is Live Activities widget for lockscreen

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