Pockets should be available via PS2 Api

I use the pockets feature of the Tomorrow App to save money and protect the majority of my funds from being accessible by my card. Additionally I also use the MoneyMoney app to consolidate my financial overview. It uses the PS2 Api to acheive this. What appears to be missing is a way of seeing the funds in pockets via the api and thus in the app. Is there a solution to this? I would be pleased to suggest this as a feature if not.


Lookup your pockets IBAN on the balance confirmation statement provided by Solaris (postbox). Add the account using this IBAN to Moneymoney.

(All pockets are probably represented as one account in Moneymoney. Pockets are „virtual“ sub accounts, all pocket money is held in one account.)

Keep in mind that Pockets are not payment accounts.

I actually had tried that and it still results with only access to the balance and transactions of the main account. Are you sure this works? You use the term “probably” so I wasn’t sure.

Yes. It works for me. I use Moneymoney as well. What I can’t confirm is if funds in pockets are summarized. I don’t use more than one pocket.