Support for more topup methods

Now when the SEPA transfers are failing to reach my Tomorrow account, the idea of using other methods appeared in my mind again.
I noticed that when Agoda or Booking is sending me my cashback, I can put my Tomorrow card details and the funds arrive instantly. Then I realized I can also go on Coinbase or Binance and sell my crypto to my Tomorrow bank card and it also arrives instantly.

So it would be nice to be able to initiate a „card topup“ by myself, where I can transfer from another card, or send someone a link to pay.

You could check how Wise implemented it, you can instantly top up your account with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Bank transfer and much more.

Having the non instant SEPA transfer as the only way to top up the account is soooooo old school.

The occurring issues with SEPA transfers nowadays are the result of the lack of implementation at Tomorrow of SEPA Inst. The banking services at Tomorrow are provided by SolarisBank, which went live with SEPA Inst. quite recently.
Unfortunately, the transfer will not be received / credited, until there is no activation / software implementation made at Tomorrow internally.
As it seems, your transfers fail to reach your Tomorrow account, because your bank tries to send them as SEPA Inst., which is technically supported and your bank receives the information of your Tomorrow bank account being able to receive it, yet the SEPA Inst. not actively backed up by Tomorrow yet. Therefore, it ends up being rejected and sent back to your sending bank.
We discussed this issue in the separate thread „Echtzeitüberweisungen“, but there is nothing new regarding the date of readiness or the eventual deactivation of this feature by SolarisBank to avoid transfers from failing.
As for other alternative top up methods, it would be surely useful and handy to top up using a debit/credit card or even PayPal, but it does not seem like we will see a swift implementation either.

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I‘ll add this: some banks that experienced failed SCT Inst transfers to Tomorrow stopped —presumably on their side—sending transfers as instant. Neither Revolut nor Sparkasse allow me to initiate an instant transfer to my Tomorrow IBAN at the moment. I just double checked.

(Solaris operates with various BICs. This might be relevant in this discussion.)

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Thanks for clarification @pwg and @Frnk