Tomorrow x Visa (english)

The Tomorrow Card changes its look (a little bit)

  • VISA is now officially Tomorrow’s new partner and all new cards that are being ordered through the Tomorrow App will be created as VISA debit cards (as of the 10th of May)

  • who already owns a Tomorrow Mastercard can either use it as before without disadvantages (until it expires), or order a new Tomorrow VISA card through the app (as of now this costs 10€ and we advise you to wait until next week to avoid longer waiting times)

  • Tomorrow VISA and Mastercard cards cannot be used simultaneously, when you order a new card the old one will be locked and you’ll need to wait for your new card

  • regarding the functionality of the cards there will be no visible difference between the Tomorrow VISA and Mastercard, the only difference might be the acceptance at some retailers or points of sale but in the majority of cases both cards are accepted equally

  • we let you choose freely if you prefer to still use your Tomorrow Mastercard or if you want a Tomorrow VISA

  • we would like to mention that it would be more sustainable to keep using your Tomorrow Mastercard

  • if Apple Pay & Gpay will only be working with the Tomorrow VISA we will of course notify you in advance and not charge any order fee for changing your cards

  • Visa will protect 100 trees in the Brazilian rainforest for every new user that joins Tomorrow over the next 12 weeks

If you still have questions feel free to comment :blush:

Here’s a little visual comparison: