Virtual cards coming anytime soon?

It would be nice to have an option for a virtual card so I don’t have to expose my physical card on the internet. Looks like my card data leaked somewhere so now I have to set the card limits for safety and ordering a new card is too bothersome.

Sorry if this thread already exists but I couldn’t find it in English

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I think you should contact the support because of the leakage of your card data. As far as I know you might even be obliged to do so due to the Terms of Service. This move should also protect you in the case that the stolen data gets misused.

In response to your question in the thread title: there’s no indication for an imminent introduction of virtual cards. The topic was discussed here, you could search for „virtuelle karte“ to find German threads. Even if this might not be super helpful to you, you still get an idea about how long ago that was.

Tomorrow does not publish a roadmap. They do give insights into their product development on this public Trello board, though.

Two things to keep in mind: projects on the Trello board change. Being listed there doesn’t guarantee it being rolled out. And features are re-preoritized. Secondly: not all features are published there. Sometimes, Tomorrow introduces features out of the blue.

(@Johann is right. If you’ve became aware that your card is compromised, you are obliged to report this. Solaris Terms and Conditions, Conditions for the Debit Card, paragraph 8.6. I personally rely on Apple Pay and Paypal to reduce this risk where possible.)

I am not 100% sure it leaked, maybe I just subscribed somewhere that I forgot about. I am going to wait and see what happens and maybe try to find the service.