Account blocked

Is tomorrow a scam?? For over one 1week now I cannot access my account and I have so much money there. I have reported this issue severally to support. It now looks like scam.

No scam - it’s a serious business

3 „Gefällt mir“

Let them transfer my account and continue their business

@Collins Thanks for opening this question. As I see, you have already opened a thread and I would appreciate it if you could stick to that thread with any further inquiries regarding this topic: I cannot login why. I am closing this thread in the meantime.
However, to still give you and everyone else some more context: I can assure you that our partner and Tomorrow are always acting within the limits of the regulatory requirements and legal obligations set for banks in Germany. There are so many differnet circumstances which can lead to interruptions of the service, which all need to be investigated thoroughly. Please feel free to refer to the Tomorrow FAQ and the Solarisbank FAQ for Tomorrow while you are waiting for us to resolve your case.